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Causes Of Google Penalties And How To Recover From It

Google wants to give its users access to accurate information and unique content. It improves its algorithms to give the best web exposure. Google keeps on refining the quality of its search results to eliminate poor quality content and elevate the good stuff to the top of SERPs.

The two biggest names in the search penalties are due to? Panda and Penguin algorithms. Google has some rules, which you need to follow to stay high in Google search engine results, otherwise your ranking goes out of order. That is the google penalty.

Google may penalize your website for one of two reasons. One is using manipulative methods to increase your site’s rankings and other is providing a poor experience to people who visit your site. Panda penalties relate to the quality of your site’s content while penguin relates to over optimization through the creation of manipulative unnatural back links. Google updates its algorithm to advance Panda and Penguin and check whether the websites are following Google guidelines or not.

Identify the penalty:

First of all, you need to diagnose why your website rankings drop down. Was it a penalty? If so, what penalty hit it. Two possible Google penalties are

  • A google Panda penalty
  • A google Penguin Penalty

Log on to Google Analytics and see whether the decline is slow or abrupt. If the drop in rankings is abrupt, most probably your website has been a victim of any of the google penalty. Now, check whether it was a Panda penalty or Penguin. You can check a site like Moz, twitter account to see if google released an update the same day. If Panda updated the same day, its Panda penalty. Similarly, if a Penguin brings an update on the same day, it is Penguin Penalty.

If you can not find algorithm updates, some warning signs can let you know about the type of penalty.

Panda hates duplicate content:

If you have low quality content on your website or have the duplicate content that include ?text on your site, you have been hit by Panda algorithm.

Penguin hates unnatural links:

If you have over optimized anchor text and links from low quality domains, or you have purchased links from any website, you have hit with penguin penalty. You can diagnose penguin penalty using Fruition tool, which is also helpful in diagnosing Panda penalties.

Fixing a Panda Penalty:

In order to fix Panda Penalty, here is what you can do:

  • See if your website has thin or duplicate content. Replace it with high quality, unique, compelling content.
  • See if the content on your website is over optimized. Rewrite the content with keyword density no more than 4 to 5%.
  • See through a crawler (Moz Crawler for instance) for duplicate URLs. Sort them out and resolve the issues with dynamic urls and remove duplicate pages.
  • Have unique meta tags for each page
  • The meta tags and content of the site shall not be over optimized, and free of grammar errors.
  • Use of synonyms for important keywords would help balance the keyword density.
  • Control link juice from home page, especially the internal links in the footer area.
  • Avoid link exchange schemes.
  • Avoid cloaking, which is hiding content from live users intended merely for search engines.

Fixing a Penguin Penalty:

If you have been creating spammy backlinks in the past, you may need to hire a penguin recovery expert or either do it yourself. The procedure for penguin recovery includes removing poor backlinks, disavow the poor back links you are unable to remove and create compelling content, spread positive image of your website and create brand awareness.

A spammy backlink is one coming from low authority sites, link farms such as free for all linking sites, social bookmarking sites, over optimization of anchor texts in blog commenting, forum posting, and excessive backlinks from a single domain.

If you are thinking either backlinks from same or different C Block IPs would work, the answer is NO, you should not manipulate the backlinks at all, rather focus on creating brand awareness and compelling content to create value for readers and visitors, in a way people would love reading, and sharing your content and site.

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