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How Latent Semantic Indexing Boost Your Overall SEO Strategy?

Information is power! Google aims to provide correct and precise information against a query for the best user experience. SEO has been around for decades and Google updates keep on introducing day by day to improve it. Latent semantic indexing is an effective strategy to bring quality and precise results for users.

In previous decades, SEO practices were carried out with a rigid keyword usage. Now, latent semantic indexing focus on relevancy of topic and synonyms for the search rather than giving importance to the specific keyword. SEO experts put emphasis on semantic usage of keywords for providing quality SEO services in Malaysia or elsewhere.
Starting in 2002, Google started implementing a series of algorithm updates focusing on relevancy and quality of content against a search query to rank the relevant website higher in search results.

Hummingbird algorithm update focused on precise and quality content that fulfills users’ intent of search. According to this update, Google does not emphasize the exact keywords but the intent of users’ query.

RankBrain is the artificial intelligence of this update that is capable of interpreting the users’ intent of queries which is the foundation of semantic search.

Google algorithms understand two things:

  • A user’s search intent and their relevancy with the specific keywords.
  • LSI helps search engines identify relevant keywords to deliver accurate results.

Better User Value Optimization:

Semantic SEO provides relevant information that address real concerns of the web users. SEO experts spend more time optimizing the website content to bring more value to web users.

Improve Content Quality:

Search results come up with the most relevant information due to latent semantic indexing. Semantic indexing improves the web user’s experience as there is no keyword stuffing or misplaced keywords in the content. According to the Google update, it gives value to content that is relevant to the user query and there is no keyword stuffing or exact usage of keywords. Moreover, it emphasize on using synonyms or combination of words that fulfill the purpose of users and provides relevant results.

With less emphasis on the specific keywords, it is also mandatory to produce quality content therefore, content writers conduct more thorough research on topics to get readable and engaging content.

Less Emphasis on Keywords:

Semantic SEO put less emphasis on keywords, however, keyword research is still important but using them in a semantic way is valuable.

Selection of LSI keywords:

There are various methods for selecting LSI keywords, which are given below:

  • A simple Google search shows relevant keywords to the particular query, which is one of the easiest ways to find LSI keywords.
  • Google keyword tool can help in finding relevant keywords.
  • LSI keyword generator is another tool to identify keywords. Users need to add a term into the search bar to generate a list of keywords.

It is worth taking the time to identify LSI driven keywords into your content for an effective SEO strategy as LSI plays an important role in effective SEO strategy.

We provide SEO services in Malaysia that guarantee improvement in rankings and bring keywords on the Google first page with the help of quality SEO services.

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